When you are a teenager, life is hard enough even without any added difficulties. And in my case, there were a lot of added difficulties. I was not so attractive; I was very skinny and had acne. I never did any sports and as a result of all that, I wasn’t one of the most popular blokes in school. In fact, I wasn’t even close to being one of the most popular ones. Blokes considered me a nerd and girls, if they wanted to have anything to do with me, it was because they either needed my help or they wanted to be friends with me. The only thing I waited for was to get out of school, get to college and I truly believed that things would change.

Unfortunately, things did not change much, I was still quite unpopular and girls did not pay any attention to me. Acne had cleared out in the meantime, I gained some weight and in my opinion, I looked better. However, my hair started thinning and when I finished college and started working, there were parts of my head which should have been covered with hair, but they weren’t. This made me less confident and I feared that I would never become more attractive and that girls would never pay more attention to me. Since hair loss was hereditary in my family, I knew what was coming and before I ended up bald, I wanted to do something and I wanted to do something fast. I turned to my uncle, who had been bald, but managed to grow some hair during the past year.

He said that it was all due to a product called Propecia and he strongly encouraged me to try it out. Naturally, I did try it out and I have been using it for seven months. And the progress that I have made is astonishing. Not only have I managed to prevent hair loss, but I managed to bring back the lost hair. The back of my head, which would have become bald very soon is now covered with hair again and I look like a twenty year old something bloke, which I am.

Thanks to Propecia, I am much more confident. Besides, I don’t have acne, I’m not skinny and I now don’t have to worry about losing my hair so early in my life. In my opinion, this increases my chances of finding dates and I am looking forward to my future life, confident that life will be easier for me, at least when dating is in question