People say that getting divorced is never easy, but in my case, the experience was awful. My wife and I fought a lot and once we decided to get divorced, things took a turn for the worse. We fought even more about who will keep what, who will get the kids on which days and those kinds of things. Fortunately, things worked out eventually and we found a way to be polite to each other, but it took us quite some time to get there.

In the end, I was relieved once it all ended and I was looking forward to meeting new people and I wanted to start dating again. And when I did, I reminded myself of all the good things about being married. As you grow old together with someone, you don’t really notice small changes that eventually lead to a huge change in your appearance. In my case, I started losing hair a while back and as soon as I started thinking about dating again, all those questions and insecurities that people have about their appearance surfaced. It was clear to me that I wasn’t even remotely as attractive as I once was, but the thing that worried me the most was the fact that I was almost bald. And that’s not something that makes blokes attractive. In a city such as London, there are a lot of attractive men, which means that the competition is fierce and you have to do everything in your power to look your best because women, no matter how much they go on and on about how they care more about a man’s personality than his appearance, they are as superficial as blokes.

For a while, I thought about hair transplant, but one of my mates actually tried it and said that although he looks better now, if he had a chance to do it again, he would have never done it because it is extremely painful. And as I wasn’t really a fan of painful treatments, I decided to look for something less painful, but equally efficient. And Propecia seemed just like the thing I needed.

When I found out more about it, I learned that there were a lot of satisfied customers and the only thing that I didn’t really like was the fact that it took a lot of time for the treatment to work. But since there was no other way, I went for it and I have to say that I have no regrets.

Ever since I started using Propecia, there have been noticeable changes. I still don’t look the same as I did when I was young, but after only five months of using the product, I think I look good. Besides, this has boosted my confidence hugely and I now find dating a lot more relaxing.

All in all, I definitely recommend Propecia as a hair loss treatment because it is simple and more importantly, it is effective. You could say that the product is a bit pricey, but it is worth every penny. I looked at it as an investment and in my case; the investment has certainly paid off.