Hair loss is something that a very large majority of men has to deal with to some extent before or after. It is a condition that affects a large percentage of men and this percentage tends to increase as you take into considerations older and older individuals. There are men who do not see this as a reason for worry, while others believe that they need not be bald if they do not wish to be. There are a lot of such men. The result of this is that there are a lot of products being advertised for male pattern baldness. There are pharmaceutical drugs like Propecia and some others and there are different natural remedies with a long history of being used to not such great results. Read on if you wish to know how Propecia compares to these different natural hair loss products.

Propecia is just one of the brand names for a medication called finasteride which was originally developed for the treatment of enlarged prostate. It was developed over the course of more than a decade and in the end, the company that developed it came out with a medication that can effectively lower the levels of dihydrotestosterone, thus stopping the enlargement of the prostate, and what interests us even more, thus reducing hair loss that occurs in men. These effects have been proven by numerous studies which have given the different regulatory agencies (including MHRA) incentive to approve this medication. In short, Propecia works and is effectively used in the treatment of MPB. There is still a natural product to be proven at least nearly as effective as Propecia. The simple fact is that no such natural product yet exists and that most of them are being advertised using nothing more than advertising quips.

Granted, there are some natural ingredients like saw palmetto for example, which show a potential of also lowering the levels of DHT in the body, but these effects still need to be produced and replicated without much fluctuation in results before they can be called definitive treatments for hair loss. At the moment, it is nothing more than wishful thinking that if you include some of these ingredients, you will get a pill or a shampoo that is going to treat male pattern baldness.

If you want effects, stick to Propecia.